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Phase 2 : Removing the Roll Bar [OPTIONAL]

NOTE: This step is OPTIONAL! Unless you know the rollbar has been taken
out, seriously consider performing this step. I took out the rollbar
because I have seen several Scramblers with herculiner applied and
I thought that the rollbar made it look sloppy because of the way some
people applied it halfway up the rollbar. I don't like that, but that's
me. Plus I knew there was bad rust where the rollbar mounted and I
wanted to take care of it. The roll bar has 16 TORX 45 bolts.
Hopefully yours will come out easier than mine. Be careful when you
take the rollbar out of the bed, you will have to twist it to get it
out of the bed. Grind out all rust where the rollbar mounts and on
the 4 mounting feet. Apply POR-15 to mounting feet to be sure the
red bandit doesn't come back.

Phase 3 .....