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Phase 5 : Applying the Second Coat

Let the first coat dry until tacky to the touch, usually 1-2 hours
depending on temp and humidity. Perform the same steps for the first
coat.Take your time and make sure you use the roller in the opposite
direction as the first coat and keep it in that direction for this
coat. Once you finished, remove all tape quickly as it will bond to
the liner. It needs to dry for about 12 hours before you subject it
to any traffic or loads. Now you can install any parts you removed
For me, I reinstalled the spare tire carrier supports, the rollbar,
etc. Note if you performed the optional step 2, you may have to tap
your rollbar mounting bolts before you put it back in. I also used
stainless hex head bolts for the rollbar because I hate those !@#%
TORX bolts. That's it!!

Final Thoughts .....