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Final Thoughts

I have to be real honest, I am very impressed with the Herculiner
kit. It looks just as good as a sprayed in $400 rhino-liner and
I did it myself in about a day. I did a few things to mine that
are personal preferences like doing the outer lip of the tailgate
and the rear edges of the bed to prevent paint chipping when hauling.
I am pleased with the way the rollbar looks aganist the black liner
and am glad I took the extra time to take it out. Overall, I would
highly recommend this product and give 5 out of 5 round headlights.

Total Costs:
1 Herculiner kit - $99.95
1 Gallon Acetone - $7.99
16 Stainless bolts for rollbar - $7.84
Paint roller tray - Already had
Masking tape - Already had
Misc stainless bolts for other items - $3.00
New drain plugs - Already had
New covers for seat bolts - Made
TOTALS :: $118.78 plus local sales tax

After the liner has aged for a month or so, it begins to fade from the sunlight.
It's not that the faded part looks bad, it's the fact that all of the bed is
not faded. It fades based on the exposure to the sun, so not all parts are
faded, and that looks bad. So, I decided to fix this little annoyance.
Took the roll bar back out, a process made much easier since I used new
stainless hex head bolts when I reinstalled it before. Then I taped everything
off and used some cheap Wal-Mart spray Gloss Black to spray the whole bed.
Looks like brand new again! I hope that this will not fade as the original
coating did. I have even considered spraying the liner the same color as the
body, but I haven't convinced myself on that one yet.