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Scrambler Info
Scrambler Rails
Poly Body Mounts
Parts for Trade
Diecast Jeeps

These links are just general Scrambler info.

the $crambled egg
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5

These links deal only with my jeep. Under construction.

New additions...
Hella 500 Lighting system
Factory Laredo Chrome grill cover
Kentrol Stainless Steel Factory-Style Front Bumper
Euroguard Taillight Guards
Optima Red top battery

On the waiting list...
Factory Scrambler badges
Factory Jeep emblem
Factory 6-cylinder tach
Factory clock
Factory under hood light


Site Updated 1.26.2000

Reproduction Scrambler Side Rails NOW AVAILABLE...CLICK HERE

Scrambler Club added
   -->It's a cool new feature

Xterra section added
   -->I'll be adding more stuff here when I get the time

Links section added
   -->If you have a scrambler site, send me your address

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