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Poly Body Mounts ::

I decided to take the extra time to write this description after I saw the state of the existing OEM body mounts and the frame around them. When I took mine off, most of them were destroyed from age. The best looking of the bunchThe rubber was cracked in several places and in some cases it was just barely hanging on. A few of the really bad mounts had already lost some large chunks of rubber as well. It's not the part that you can see that is scary, it's the hidden ones that will get you. When I took the mounts off, or attempted to in some cases, the first thing I noticed was the rust. Some of the mounts had rusted so bad on the inside that they had bonded to the frame and had to be beat off with a large hammer. Once they were off and the holes in the frame were visible, it was obvious they were just as bad. Almost all of the mount locations in the frame were rusted really bad.

Rust on support

The next step was to get rid of the rust. Grind it off, sand it off, wirebrush it off... whatever you do, get it off. This is the frame, no skimping allowed. Once all of the rust was gone, I treated off the mount locations(and the whole frame) with POR-15 and POR-15 chassic coat.
Another rusted mount location

The pictures above...(in vertical order)
#1 --> Notice the way the washer is twisted, it's because of the missing material on the backside

#2 --> The best mount of the bunch, notice that you cannot see the rust, but it's there

#3 --> This shows the rust that was hidden by the bottom part of the mount on the frame support

#4 --> Another shot of the terrible rust hidden by the mount on one of the rear outer mounts

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