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Phase 4
Phase 4 Projects ::
Install Herculiner bedliner
Replace front disc brakes, turn rotors
Check brake shoes and wheel cylinders in rear
Repair leak in steering gear (replaced)
Repair leaky distributor

The leaky distributor..... When I first got the scrambler, it leaked oil from the distributor. So I took it out and examined it and noticed it had no seal at the base where it mounts to the block. So I tried to find one, but no one listed one for it. I ended up making one from gasket paper and I reinstalled the unit. Drove it a while and it still leaked. I thought maybe it was an internal seal in the dist causing the leak, so I bought a replacement dist. This replacement stopped firing after the oil got on it the first time, so I took it back and got another one. This one actually fired and ran even though the leak continued. Next I checked the PVC valve and hose. The hose was clogged, so I replaced it. Thinking that the clogged hose would cause greater internal engine pressure, I drove the scrambler a few days to see if the leak was fixed. Didn't change a thing. Next I turned my attention to the hose/filter from the valve cover to the breather. The filter in the breather was full of gunk, so I cleaned it and that actually stopped the leak. So I knew the leak was caused by pressure in the motor having no good way to vent. The filter was full of oil after a few days, so I had to think up some way to vent it. The first attempt involved some 1" PVC pipe, a 1" PVC tee, a 1" PVC cap, a PVC fitting to accept the breather hose, and a breather element from a 5hp Briggs & Stratton motor. This contraption worked fine for about 2 weeks. Then the breather became clogged and filled the passenger compartment with oil fumes. Attempt 2 used most of the same PVC elements, but I used some hoses and brass fittings to route the vented air under the Scrambler this time. The vented hose comes into the contraption and the oil hits the sidewall of the pipe and drops to the holding area. The air then vents through the 3 brass fittings and out through the go-kart hoses. I call them go-cart hoses because their original purpose was for breather tanks on go-karts. The hoses come in many different colors which help give the contraption a high-tech look. The hoses are very flexible and allow me to route them down the firewall. This 2nd attempt appears to be working rather well. I've been driving it for 4 weeks now with no problems.

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