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Phase 5

Phase 5 Projects ::
Install new greasable spring main eye busings
Install new Currie greasable shackles
Install new poly body mounts, bolts, and washers
Install new poly sway bar bushings
Install new Rancho RS5000 shocks
Install new Rancho RS5000 steering stablizer
Install new fuel sending unit
Install new gas tank
Install new output seals on transfer case
Install new rear pinion seal

This phase took 4 weeks to complete. First I took out the rearend, springs, and gas tank. Removed spring hangers, all hoses, etc. Basically everything on the rear part of the frame was taken off. If it was not replaced, it was checked and repainted. While the gas tank was out, I noticed a small leak on the bottom of it, so I decided to go ahead and replace it. While everything was off, I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned a little more on the frame and underside of bed. I applied POR-15 to all surfaces at this time. Just a note, oven cleaner works great for the removal of 20 years worth of gunk. For reassembly, I first bolted on the spring hangers, shackles, and springs. Then I carefully got the rearend back in place.

On the front, I unbolted the drag link, calipers, vent, driveshaft, and shocks and dropped the whole assembly. Same process as rear; cleaned, painted, replaced. I also went ahead and replaced the steering gear while I was this far along since it was leaking pretty bad. I did manage to bend the drag link and had to adjust it to get my steering wheel straight.

The cleaning and painting might seem excessive, but I wanted to know if and where there was any rust. Luckily I didn't find any, so I consider this preventive care. I also used stainless bolts, washers, nuts, etc. for everything. Again, it may seem excessive, but I wanted to insure that the bolts held up as long as the frame. I took this time to do other things that needed to be done as well, far too many to describe in detail....

  • New front axle vent hose
  • New poly front axle snubber
  • New poly bump stops in front and rear
  • New roll-over valve hoses & clamps
  • Stainless bolts in front and rear axle housing covers(trying to stop rust)
  • New muffler, tailpipe, and chrome tip
  • Adjusted emergency brake
  • Valvoline synthetic brake fluid
  • New poly tie rod end boots
  • etc. etc. etc.

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