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Scrambler Wood Rails : Restoration of Rails

This page is intended to document information related to the Wooden Side Rails available on the Jeep Scrambler. It is always a work in progress and if anyone has any information that should be added to this, please let me know

Over time the factory finish will chip away and open the wood to the elements. When that happens, you need to restore the finish. Before we go any further on this subject, the most important thing to note is DO NOT GET IN A HURRY!!!! or you will have an unsatisfactory finish.

Steps ::
  1. Remove rails from Scrambler
  2. Clean and dirt/bugs/other debris from rail surface
  3. Apply stripper (paste works best) to surface (I used Bix)
    • Stripper will most likely not remove every bit of varnish
    • If needed, use orbital sander on flat surfaces to remove varnish that didn't come off with stripper
    • Hand sand all curved areas to avoid removing too much material
  4. This step is often overlooked: Let stripped boards set untouched for 3-5 days to acclamate
  5. If possible, rub boards with sawdust (acts like a fine sandpaper)
  6. Ready to varnish! Obtain varnish --> WaterLox Marine Varnish is best I have found
  7. Cut first coat 10:1 with paint thinner
  8. Apply first coat, let dry overnight!
  9. Rub with Super fine steel wool to give first coat a tooth
  10. Apply second coat, let dry overnight!
  11. Rub with Super fine steel wool to give second coat a tooth
  12. Apply third coat, let dry overnight and then some
  13. Finished!!!

Sanded Boards