Scrambler Wood Rails

This page is intended to document information related to the Wooden Side Rails available on the Jeep Scrambler. It is always a work in progress and if anyone has any information that should be added to this, please let me know

The information is broken up into 3 categories: If anyone plans to make their own rails, please send me some pics of your project so that others can benefit from your experience.
Valuable information to include :
  1. Type of wood used
  2. Tools used
  3. Finish and Detailing of Rails
  4. Installation on non-factory equipped Scrambler
Of course the photos to the right show a Scrambler with and without the rails. The rails cannot be used with a full softtop or full hardtop because they extend past the body line in the back. Of course if you want to make them fit with one of tops, have at it.
If anyone has a Scrambler with a Tonneau cover and the Factory side rails installed, please send some pics of that combo.

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