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Phase 3 : Sand/Scuff All Surfaces

If you buy the complete Herculiner kit, there is a supplied scuff pad.
If not, go to your local auto parts store and get a red Scotch-Brite
sanding pad(about $1). Scuff all surfaces until the gloss is gone.
If you want to insure that rust will not come back, now's a good
time to apply POR-15 to any surface you're worried about. I took the
extra precaution of doing the whole bed floor and any surface that
I removed rust from. Once you're satisfied that the surface is ready,
wipe all of it down with Xylene or Acetone(cheaper). Let dry for a
few minutes. Tape off all areas you do not want the liner to be on!
Make sure you press the tape onto the surface to give you clean
tape lines, believe me, it makes a difference.

Phase 4 .....