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Phase 4 : Applying the First Coat

Assuming you have completed the other steps correctly, this step is
easy. The kit provides a roller and brush. Use the brush in areas
that the roller can't reach. The roller does a super job, so use it
whereever you can. I started at the top of the bed closest to the cab.
Brush in the areas under the rail, and roll sidewalls and bed partition.
Work your way towards the back of the Jeep making sure that you don't
work yourself into a corner if you're in the bed :) Rolling the floor
is easy and only takes a couple of minutes, so spend your time making
sure the sides, partition, and wheel housings are right. The first
coat shouldn't be that heavy, so go lightly. Coat tailgate and any
other surface you want as well. When using the roller note that the
tends to throw little specs of the liner, so keep a wet cloth of
Xylene or Acetone near.

Phase 5 .....